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21-Jan-2021 23:06

the reason they build there is to cut costs...naturally they wouldnt spend more to make sure thier product is good Very true, the biggest concern with companies is their budget...everything's built on a budget, they try to cost cut as much as possible.Your either smoking crack or lying if you think the quality is lower than Dean Guitars. The reason DBZ Guitars are kicking ass is that the guitars are killer quality and are under the complete control of Dean himself. It's extremely Light as if it's 3 times lighter than a normal guitar. Please tell me i didnt ***up when i was buying this thing. A guitar with Floyd Rose in that price range would *** even more so don't even go there. I might have a chance of returning it and geting another guitar instead.0071 are the 4 first numbers of the weird part is that i couldnt find any Guitars that look like mine on the Dean Site ( I mean the color ).Everything's gonna be a little bit better on the USA - woods, fit/finish, fretwork, electronics - but not 00 better. But seriously, ignore it when anyone says USA and Japan are the only coutries that make good production guitars, because that certainly isn't.Get over where it's made in and just focus on the the chinese hahai have a chinese vendetta and its ace, i love itnow for the gossip on dean:dean V from 10 yrs ago, discontinued and released as a USA modeldean custom 450, discontinued and we now have VM and MAB models which are kinda similar Dean warbird, discontinued and now a USA modelsee the pattern.....there is nothing wrong with certain korean models otherwise they wouldnt be pimped up and priced upas for edwards guitars, i laugh at people who say ESP is superior, there is a small difference, very smallberghaus jacket or northface jacket?small difference massive price differencetry them out, experiment, look at woods that you like, pickups, trems etc, its "your" guitar not what a salesman is telling you what is Based on the serial number, your Dean was built in 2000 (the first two numbers are the year manufactured). My brand new Dean Acoustic is made in China and the quality is fantastic. If you are not happy, either get something else now or save more and get a higher quality guitar.i would build in chinayinwai wo (speak) zhong gou wei - i would just personally oversee the artists i hiredid i mention i speak some chinese, haha gotta love international buisness with a focus on chinese language and culture the only reason chinese stuff is "crappy" is becuase american companies don't spend the money on quality control.

As for differences between Korea and China, yes Korea is a little bit better, or they are acutally way better from my experience but USA and Japan are the only really good massproducers of guitars. Last time I checked, my Schecter C-1 Classic came with Schaller electronics and definitely said 'made in Germany'.

But i guess i'll have to save up for another guitar Yeah it plays good, it's awesome.

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