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01-May-2020 09:07

In Season 7 in particular, those check-backs with the couples right before the credits roll have offered photos of the happy pair touring Tuscany or visiting each other when they live on different coasts or just generally being rich and half-beautiful together.

What they’re really offering isn't the continuation of a love story, but proof.

"The wedding was up in the lounge with the white leather seats, looking out over the water. "I know that I will make a good life for myself with all sorts of things as armour.

"At about 9.30pm everyone went outside and watched fireworks from the hotel. Including stuff my new chap is teaching me that I never knew.

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I live for those last two minutes when it’s revealed whether the couples have continued to date or not; it simply doesn’t get much better than hearing that Courtney Kerr from Courtney Loves Dallas plans to go to Norway to visit her fashion mogul also-a-Millionaire match. (Spoiler alert: She did not.) Do the little glimpses of success we usually get from one of the couples per episode really unfold into epic love stories?They were on the beach below, big shells that went up to 400ft high in all different colours." Dawn was married to fellow comedian Lenny Henry, now 54, for 25 years but the couple split in 2010. I'll have to buy new pants.' "I did do some dating and it was excruciating and difficult as I'm not an accomplished flirter.