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This monumental work is invaluable when researching a particular model or the historical development and tactical significance of the bayonet.This journal is aimed at the collector wishing to locate published information on a particular model, or at the researcher searching for differing views recorded over time. when he submitted his plans for a Trench Knife design.Evans categorizes the research into easy to find listings.One listing even covers film, TV and new Internet references.The machete was in case of a ditching in the Pacific while the recovery fleet was in the Atlantic.If the men were to survive on a deserted isle they would need a machete.Now take every military like sentence or item name you have ever heard and say it backwards. ALFA, GOLF, HOTEL, INDIA, JULIET, KILO, LIMA, MIKE, NOVEMBER, OSCAR, PAPA, QUEBEC, ROMEO, SIERRA, TANGO, UNIFORM, VICTOR, WHISKEY, X-RAY, YANKEE, ZULU Now how about the old one.ABLE, BAKER, CHARLIE, DOG, EASY, FOX, GEORGE, HOW, ITEM, JIG, KING, LOVE, MIKE, NAN, OBOE, PETER, QUEEN, ROGER, SUGAR, TARE, UNCLE, VICTOR, WILLIAM, X-RAY, YOKE, ZEBRA Before somebody says I am wrong these were the most commonly used ones, also present during WW II were: CAST, HYPO, INTER, NEGAT, OVER, PREP In a recent conversation with a fellow collector the topic of astronaut knives came up.

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That makes it quite easy to identify them if one is found today.

I do not know the differences between the actual NASA purchased knives and the regular commercial products or if there are any differences. Moving along we now find NASA as the recipient of a high end production knife .

This is how it should be, a demanding job where ones life is at stake should always possess the best tools available.

Other listings include references to hundreds of books and military training manuals with over two thousand articles written on the subject, yes two thousand!

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A full listing includes, titles, authors, publication dates and even reveals sources!The book itself is a 208-page A4 paperback, comb bound, with a laminate transparent acetate cover. Actually Capt Hughes was in the United States Army but his hometown of record was NYC.

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