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The Datta dynasty and Mitra dynasty soon followed in Mathura.

The Indo-Greeks ultimately disappeared as a political entity around 10 AD following the invasions of the Indo-Scythians, although pockets of Greek populations probably remained for several centuries longer under the subsequent rule of the Indo-Parthians and Kushans.

but since the extensive sources available on Seleucus never mention an Indian princess, it is thought that the marital alliance went the other way, with Chandragupta himself or his son Bindusara marrying a Seleucid princess, in accordance with contemporary Greek practices to form dynastic alliances. From him, Vindusara was born and ruled for the same number of years as his father.

An Indian Puranic source, the Pratisarga Parva of the Bhavishya Purana, described the marriage of Chandragupta with a Greek ("Yavana") princess, daughter of Seleucus, "Chandragupta married with a daughter of Suluva, the Yavana king of Pausasa. His son was Ashoka." On these occasions, Greek populations apparently remained in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent under Mauryan rule.

The hill station offers breathtaking views of Guru Shikhar, the highest peak in the Arbuda mountains, which also happens to have some great trekking trails.

ALSO READ Mount Abu: A must-visit hill station this summer The weather is pleasant and the hill station is home to the beautiful Nakki Lake, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, a toad-shaped rock which is a popular tourist spot.

Around 322 BC, the Greeks (described as Yona or Yavana in Indian sources) may then have participated, together with other groups, in the armed uprising of Chandragupta Maurya against the Nanda Dynasty, and gone as far as Pataliputra for the capture of the city from the Nandas.

The Mudrarakshasa of Visakhadutta as well as the Jaina work Parisishtaparvan talk of Chandragupta's alliance with the Himalayan king Parvatka, often identified with Porus, and according to these accounts, this alliance gave Chandragupta a composite and powerful army made up of Yavanas (Greeks), Kambojas, Shakas (Scythians), Kiratas (Nepalese), Parasikas (Persians) and Bahlikas (Bactrians) who took Pataliputra.

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To the south, another general also ruled over the Greek colonies of the Indus: Peithon, son of Agenor, until his departure for Babylon in 316 BC.

Earlier known as Arbudaanchal, Mount Abu is perched on the Arbuda mountains in the Aravalli ranges.

Mount Abu also finds a mention in various Indian mythologies, one of which include the Arbuda mountain saving the life of Nandi, Shiva’s bull.

Dilwara temples are located just on the outskirts of Mount Abu and receive thousands of devotees every month.

The most popular of the Dilwara temples is the Vimal Vasahi Temple that is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara.A marriage treaty was arranged for the same Demetrius with a daughter of the Seleucid ruler Antiochus III (who had some Persian descent).

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