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Hello, If you take the stock off your rifle on the underside of the barrel/receiver you will find a set of crossed lances like an "X" or a circle with a 2 letter code, if you send me this code I can tell you what year your rifle was made.Mat I am also having the same trouble dating my Parker Hale. The serial number is on the side of the chamber and bolt stamped "B3**M".The closest i can get to a date is from the Birmingham Proof House when they originally tested the barrel.It was my grandfathers rifle and has a lot of sentimental value. any info or just a new direction to search would be appreciated.The 2100 has a sandblast type metal finish that is much rougher than a modern matte finish but it shot well.I would classify it as a robust, utility, pickup truck rifle. I liked all 3 of them and the only one I regret selling is the 8x57 1200 Super.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ.

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I've got several friends whom just wouldn't shoot anything else.Shotguns were manufactured in Spain and imported by Precision Sports, a division of Cortland Line Co, Inc located in Cortland, NY until 1993.