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13-Jul-2020 20:22

A table at the bottom points to what type of relationship they are looking for, what age and status of a potential mate.

Relationships can be straight, gay or lesbian in nature.

You can also specify your postal code if you want to find somebody who's reasonably close and not living the other side of the country. You'll need to upgrade if you want to contact someone.

The profile details include occupation, smoking, drinking and eating habits as well as physical traits.

Share quirky stories about yourself that show off your interests and personality.

A popular online dating site serving the United Kingdom.

There are no charges unless you want to upgrade your membership.

Coupons and promo codes for reduced membership prices can be sent to your email.

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They will also be flattered that you appreciate all the effort it took to set up the date.

There is a brief portion where they can comment, describe themselves further or explain who and what they are looking for.

Many members don't specify exactly what type of person they are looking for, so you will probably see many people who don't seem very fussy who they meet!

“Dating Direct has achieved its position as the UK market leader by having an easy to use website that is carefully policed and cleverly promoted through a focused advertising and PR strategy.

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“The third party white label services have not only increased revenue, but also helped to attract additional members which in turn has boosted the site’s success as the more members, the greater chance of meeting the right person in the right geographical area.Keep the conversation rolling by asking questions and sharing stories.