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It is important to note, however, that trauma and the sexual abuse effects are still very real when For an excellent discussion written by Colette Dowling, M. Being physically abused, having a mother who is mentally ill, not having someone to confide in, and being socially isolated are significant predictors for childhood sexual abuse (Fleming, Mullen & Bammer, 1997 The response the victim receives when she/he discloses the abuse: healing is apparent when a disclosure is met with compassion and is followed with effective intervention; if the victim is met with skepticism and accusations, anger, or no response at all when she/he discloses, the sexual abuse effects are compounded.

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”), or disrespectful teenagers’ attitudes and words (“That’s so stupid” (said with rolling eyes)).

Back Talk is such a common problem for parents that I had a special teleseminar about the topic. Let’s Talk” teleseminar, transcript and handout.) Here is a summary of what we discussed.