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03-Apr-2020 21:16

It was hard and crispy, little taste and not much meat.I have bought here for years and it seems all of a sudden the quality has been slipping. I’ve had better pizzas and for the same price at some hole in the wall Mom and Pop shop.After going back and forth, I finally said, "Just remake them.

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I prefer to spend my money rewarding good businesses. We eat the pizza from the one in Newnan as well, but everyone we have talked to says the same thing. I ordered and was told to come to the window, it took me 5 to ten minutes to get there. My son was yet the first one in the line even with the 3 people behind him. Nothing is ever hot and ready like reg Hot-N-Ready, if you pay in cash they don't want to give you a receipt and when they see you have a twenty they try to talk you into purchasing crazy bread and other items you don't want, they push the extra bestest and never have Hot N Ready reg ready to go wait time 15-20 mins. The past few times I have ordered from here, the pizzas have been overcooked and burnt. Our absolute new favorite is Little Caesars at Thomas Crossroads, Sharpsburg, Ga. I was told by a worker weeks ago to order my most cheese before coming to the store, because they don't make a lot of those. A man was standing there listening to the whole thing. Now there’s 4 people in the store including me, my son and his friend. I proceeded to tell her, "Ok you don't have to serve me but my son hungry and he asks pizza. You are working because of the lady." My son was finally served his pizza, this young lady name is Kemi as I was told she was with 2 other employees at the moment working. They will sell you a Extra Most Bestest for immediate consumption as they have plenty in their warming ovens. I frequent the Little Caesars there but since DEC 27th 2016 last year the place is crappy, crappy pizza crappy service.My food was hot and ready to roll just as promised. Why hasn't anyone or a group gone forward and sued Little Caesars Pizza company for misleading advertising? That's what is wrong with America today widespread rebellion among children and parents.

Every time I see this commercial I get sick to my stomach. My family received a Little Caesars hot and ready pepperoni pizza.

Right after returning home from fleeing hurricane Irma I didn't feel like cooking so I decided to pick up a pizza from Little Caesars.

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