Consolidating federal graduate loans internet dating stories from hell

01-Feb-2021 10:15

For many people, a college education is impossible to obtain without borrowing money to pay for it.The average student loan debt for 2016 college graduates who borrowed for college, was ,172 and 70% of the graduates left school owing money.Each one of these student loans has its own due dates, interest rates and payment amounts.Keeping track of that many payments is complicated and part of the reason that 8 million Americans have defaulted on over 0 billion in student loans That is why student loan consolidation appears as such an attractive solution, but there are things you should know as you consider this approach.However, it may end up costing you more money in the long run.Max Fay is a recent graduate from Florida State University's Communications School.Private student loans are available, but every expert, even those who work for banks and credit unions, advise students to exhaust all avenues for federal aid first.

Those four loan programs account for 80% of the federal loans made for college students.One of the best places to start looking is the federal Direct Consolidation Loan program.