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14-Sep-2020 08:31

This is wildly inefficient to the point of being untenable, given that the average number of friends per user is measured in the hundreds, and the number of concurrent users during peak site usage is on the order of several millions.

Surfacing connected users' idleness greatly enhances the chat user experience but further compounds the problem of keeping presence information up-to-date.

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The naive implementation of sending a notification to all friends whenever a user comes online or goes offline has a worst case cost of O(average friendlist size * peak users * churn rate) messages/second, where churn rate is the frequency with which users come online and go offline, in events/second.Đó là trong 51 phòng chat của Ol..., có 4 phòng quy tụ toàn những thành phần nghiện chat sex với những nick name rất thô tục, khiêu dâm.