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The group's website-to-be will provide an overview of the issue, research, and Catholic responses on the diocesan and local levels. Results showed that many of those dioceses worked with agencies in the community to offer help and resources, including referrals to violence shelters and counseling.

A 2008 survey on diocesan domestic violence resources, conducted by the US Bishops Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, drew responses from 35 of 196 U. More than half also offered clergy education and advocacy for victims and their children.

Videconferencing with a judge prevents the need for the woman's court appearance in person and the risk she faces in appearing.

Some battered women's risk of being killed rises when they seek help from the legal system or try to leave their abuser, indicating that those working with the victim must be familiar with resources and, in short, know what they are doing when they advise her on how to handle her situation.

The purpose of the effort, says O'Brien, is to make awareness of the extent of domestic violence more common among clergy, lay ministers, and parishioners, and to make the Catholic position on and response to domestic violence more widely known.

The group plans to accomplish this in five ways: 1) Invite the U. bishops to continue their moral leadership on the issue.

Catholic colleges and universities should make students aware of dating violence, and Catholic centers at secular colleges can offer a safe place for students as well as resources and referrals on the issue.

3) Identify and share materials to make Catholic teaching on domestic violence more clear and accessible.

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For more information or to let the Catholic Network on Family Peace know about a Catholic domestic violence initiative in your area, visit the group on Facebook or email [email protected]

These materials could then be used in lesson plans, homily guides, etc.

4) Encourage research on domestic violence as it relates to religion, and publicize the results of this research to authorities in church institutions.

CNS/Max Rossi, Reuters Pope Francis greets members of the Assembly of Indigenous Peoples after his general audience in St. (CNS/Max Rossi, Reuters) See POPE-AUDIENCE-CONFIRMATION-SEAL May 30, 2018.

more photos -- All financial and economic decisions have a moral and ethical dimension that can make them virtuous or sinful, says a new Vatican document.

Their pastoral letter, "When I Call for Help: A Pastoral Response to Domestic Violence Against Women," first written in 1992 and updated in 2002, should be used to educate clergy, school administrators, religious communities, and diocesan and parish leadership.