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I felt in this movie, the elements of entertainment were quite abundant.

Unlike in the 4th installment, I think this one is funnier, more thrilling and gave the sense of happiness at the end.

In Fulda county firefighters numerous overturned trees of many roads had to move because of the new snow and strong wind gusts.

In Thuringia, the A73 and A71 had to be partially closed because trucks were crosswise on the road or overturned.

These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy.# Related Links: ‘Climate Hustle’ goes to DC: Skeptical film to premiere on Capitol Hill; Panel with Gov.Sarah Palin, Brent Bozell & Appearance by Warmist Bill Nye Skeptical ‘Climate Hustle’ Film Coming to Theaters Nationwide May 2, for a One-Night Event It’s Coming….’Climate Hustle’ film hits Theatres May 2nd! – Watch New Trailer – Popcorn & Climate Protesters, police, chaos!As a high budget movie, the movie was filled with very good special effects (some done by the Industrial Light Magic).

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I totally loved the effects of the deads (Salazar's crews), his ship and of course the very cool special effects at the end.Local authorities have been informed about the sighting and Cayman 27 reports the Department of Environment is asking that any further sightings be reported, along with a GPS waypoint.