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04-Apr-2020 06:20

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I like my guys to be muscular, jock, athletic, muscle type, bigger the defintion the better mmmmmmmmm! If you would like to contact me please leave a message or say hi in chat rooms, and im usually online most nights after 9. I do appreciate you doing so, anyhow please get in touch, if you are interested that is. my pics are varied in looks and hopefully convey that im just not interested in the Glam look but like experimenting with EXTREME FETISH AND ENJOY BIZZARE !

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SO GUYS WHO LIKE THOSE BRASH HARD LOOKING WOMEN PLEASE SAY HI!!Also visited CT16 in Folkestone, small venue but very friendly, and then tottered down to Fulham and visited Teds Place for the first time, great spot and lots of girls and guys.