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04-Aug-2020 18:01

The world is a better, more inclusive place because of their music.

Amy Ray, just like the majority of her 90’s female rock colleagues, choose the most traditional and orthodox songs to be the lead singles for their projects, and it’s really a shame because the majority of the albums these songs represent are varied, thoughtful and diverse affairs.

I was just beginning to feel the pull to my own music, to the old guitar that had sat in my closet for so long. Things were different now, and weren’t going to go back to how it was before.

The Indigo Girls had shattered the glass ceiling in music, the ceiling that no “lesbian-looking lesbians” had been able to smash through before them.

Some are more than just sweet melodies or sellable entertainment products.

The most meaningful ones are powerful medicines that can connect us to ourselves, each other, and to the divine.

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I was growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the 1970s. My research brought me to one book: Radclyffe Hall’s sad book, ).Those harmonies landed like a déjà vu — utterly familiar, but not at all known. I was lost, careening the wrong way down a one-way street. So I worked harder, tried to make more money, and became grandiose. I could not make sense of the visceral response it released in my gut, even as the waves of emotion doubled me over. Soon after, I decided to find the source of those magical voices I’d heard on the radio.The sound was pointing me to something vital about myself, but I did not know what it was. I had a hole in me that the call to songwriting had once upon a time tried to answer. I had put my guitar and musical longing aside, buried them both in a past I did not contemplate, and forgot about them. A few months later, I was arrested for drunk driving. I called the station, described the song, and the DJ said they called themselves the Indigo Girls.Ray’s fourth solo outing, , is no exception, with second track “Glow” leading the call, and it’s frustrating because “Glow” is the most Amy-Ray-by-numbers track on the record.

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It’s in no way a bad song itself, but it’s utterly conventional, with power-pop chords strummed on electric guitar over a 4/4 beat and a somewhat catchy melody.

To mark the much-beloved duo’s 30th anniversary, we wanted to say “thank you” to Amy and Emily for everything they have given us over the years …

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