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Who knew Nathaniel Hawthorne's syllabus stalwart The Scarlet Letter could be reimagined as a laugh-out-loud funny teen drama?The film stars Emma Stone as Olive, a high-school student with a "foolproof" popularity plan that quickly spins out of control.I can say, that not knowing the original, this story flowed just fine.Certainly, if one were to over-analyze the plot one could come up with innumerable ideas based on the idea 'if she must always obey, why doesn't this happen?' but that's not really the point here is it? My partner's 18 year old little sister (who made me watch this as I never would have on my own) loved it, and I had to admit that I liked it enough to give it a thumbs up 7 out of 10 rating.

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She's afraid of looking like a nerd at school, her classmates tease her, and her own mother (Angela Bassett), a young widow, just wants her to keep her head down and do her homework. Joshua Larabee (Laurence Fishburne), still grieving over the loss of his daughter, catches Akeelah in action and decides to act as her spelling coach.resize=768:*" / In this animated adventure, spunky Scottish princess Merida (Kelly Mac Donald) becomes the best archer in the kingdom.It's up to the determined redhead to save her mother and, like in life (well, sometimes), the problems bring mother and daughter closer than ever.The effects are decent (they can't all be Lord of the Rings perfect) and I found myself laughing frequently.

I'm certainly glad I was completely unaware that this was based on a book as most of the negative comments here seem to be from people who complain about changes.As the Fresh Prince said, "Parents just don't understand." Even though her mother would prefer that Jess stay home and learn how to make perfectly round chapatis, she sneaks around to be on a team with her friend Jules Paxton (Keira Knightley).

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