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We learned that if a document follows the XML syntax rules discussed in the previous section, the document is said to be well-formed, the minimal requirement to be an XML document.

That is, if a document isn't well-formed, it can't even be called XML (excepting XML fragments).

Consult the documentation of prospective parsers to determine how to toggle this switch, and which is the default mode.

For example, the Apache Xerces parser is nonvalidating by default.

If the parser encounters a well-formedness problem, it should only report the problem to the calling application.

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Why run in nonvalidating mode when a parser is capable of validation?The differences between validating and nonvalidating parsers are not quite as clear as you might think.According to the XML 1.0 specification ( TR/REC-xml#proc-types), Validating processors must, at user option, report violations of the constraints expressed by the declarations in the DTD, and failures to fulfill the validity constraints given in this specification.Browsers such as Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer do an admirable job of recovering from these errors, but only at the expense of a considerable amount of built-in recovery code.

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Fortunately, with XML (and XHTML), parsers do not need to implement recovery code and can therefore stay trim and lightweight.Ignoring for a moment the potential importance of validity to data-oriented applications, you might wonder why even when an XML document does not require a DTD (i.e., is standalone), it still must be well-formed.