Alec baldwin dating mariska hargitay

26-Aug-2020 10:02

Judging from their many appearances over the years, it's clear that these two are still head over heels for each other.

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I call my friends that are girls "girlfriends" but again, I'm not a lesbian, so that doesn't make Mariska a lesbian either.

On the subject of Hillary Swank, they are best friends for Christ sakes. Best friends go to each other houses, they are there to help you/be there for you..if it takes to 3am in the morning.

Anyway, Mariska and I have always had a connection-right from the very beginning, from the very first day, and I am honored to be given a spot to gab on her site. You may remember that “Trevor Langdon” was brought on to SVU as a defense attorney and Cabot’s erstwhile love interest. Don't just say, " I can't / won't get into the specifics or I can't really say how I got this info, but I am positive..."That is Bull sh*t.

It’s obnoxious)Sincerly, Stephanie (Peaches to some) 6. She's a dyke, he's curious, but he's been curious for so many years the wife is now questioning. Scary heartthrob who loves male attention = Mickey Rourke or Alec Baldwin. My friends and I sometimes link arms, or a friend may sit on my lap, but I'm not gay.

Ernest Borgnine, Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas or Leslie Nielsen i love lists and blind items reply 77 06/17/2009 @ PMOP here... Not only does the OP confirm it but there are a lot of posters on that thread that have a lot to say about Meloni.Law and Order: Special Victims Unit made Mariska Hargitay a household name in Hollywood, but it also affected her personal life a great deal — it's where she met her husband, Peter Hermann.The two first met in November 2001, when Peter had a recurring role on the hit series, but their relationship didn't take off until a few months later when they found themselves talking about religion. If you look at photographed evidence, MMH has worn 9 different rings on that finger at various times, and most times nothing at all even off of the set. Well, I was looking at like 1000 Mariska pics a little bit ago, and she hardly wears her ring, and if she does i saw different ones.

And think about this, most straight women who are married and in love with their husbands wear their wedding band and/or engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand, nothing else. Yall have some valid points and pictures, but just because she may hold hands with a really close friend or a friend sits in her lap doesn't mean she is gay.