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I never comment on how cute a guy looks when we watch tv together...if I did he wouldn't like it [email protected]: It really makes me feel like **** just to hear it over and over ...However, I have her on facebook and on our free time she doesn't quite respond. Can I not have guy friends just because I'm unattractive? I was with my good friend (I'll call him John) when his sister (I'll call her Joan) called him in tears.I mean, she initiates conversations sometimes, however it's really brief.... Basically her date to the Spring Formal had cancelled on her last minute.While platonic swiping has yet to prove its enduring appeal, for now, it seems, the more the merrier.“We have an incredible user base, and so many of them were using this app to find friends,” Whitney Wolfe, the ex-Tinder executive who founded Bumble, told CBS News.“We ran a survey a year ago of about 2,000 random people to see how hard it was for them to make new friends once they hit adulthood.

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“There were lots of dating apps on the market and lots of news about them in various outlets, but nothing really about friend-making apps,” founder Antoine Daher told Geek Wire.Wiith connects users to events based on common interests—like a Meetup on mobile.