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The Peregrine Falcon was listed as Endangered in 1969 under the Endangered Species Conservation Act. After being established by the legislature, Peregrine Falcon restoration became the NHESP’s first new project in the early 1980s.The first successful nesting pair in Massachusetts occurred in 1987 on the Customs House Tower in Boston.The Peregrine Falcon was removed from the federal list of Endangered and Threatened Species in 1999.Each year, Mass Wildlife staff monitor nests and places leg bands on the chicks. Campaign reminds boaters to: Mass Wildlife staff accomplishments and research Everose Schlüter, Mass Wildlife’s Chief of Regulatory Review with the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, received the Environmental Service Award for Outstanding Public Service from the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions at their recent 2017 Annual Environmental Conference.Those who harvest a turkey on the Young Adult Turkey Hunt date (April 22, 2017) must report their harvest either online on Mass Fish Hunt or at a traditional check station within 48 hours.Public comment on Priority Habitat Maps now open The Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) protects rare species and their habitats.Once the comment period ends and relevant revisions are made, the final Priority Habitat map will be available online.

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To obtain your permit/certificate, all past participants must fill out and return the past participant form.Through MESA regulations, Mass Wildlife’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP) creates a Priority Habitat map, which represents the known habitat for rare species within the Commonwealth.The NHESP reviews projects and activities proposed within Priority Habitat to reduce impacts to MESA-listed species.Changes to the MESA species list, an improved understanding of species biology and habitat requirements, and the use of improved mapping tools are also reflected.

A draft of the latest Priority Habitats will be available for a 60-day public comment period, starting April 3, 2017.

Any changes to the list are brought to the NHESP Advisory Committee and the Fisheries and Wildlife Board for approval.