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The process is very thorough, efficient, and professional while adding a personal touch." 75th Birthday Photo Quilt This quilt was made for a 75th birthday present.

It includes family photos, and a nice birthday wish in one of the center blocks.

The names of each member of the family is embroidered in the middle sashing. Julia's Memory Quilt Julia's mom saved all her special clothing from her first 4 years.

Included in this quilt are; the outfit from her first Christmas, the t-shirt she wore when coming home from the hospital, favorite t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and even her first sleeper. Over 70 pieces were combined to make this memorable quilt for Julia.

The borders on each side are all different showing many favorite things that inspire this family. The second photo shows some of the close up quilting work that the Quilting Cottage did - Sally did a fantastic job! My client picked out the border fabric, then I picked out the sashing fabric and the binding. Each of the photos are 6" x 6" square, and we incorporated both color and black/white photos. " -- Maria (West Virginia)T-shirt Memory Quilt My client sent me her daughter's t-shirts from her high school years. Baby Clothes Memory Quilt My client brought me her baby clothes and her husband's baby clothes. The Quilting Cottage did the long arm quilting on this quilt. Noble (Washington)Fricke Family Quilt This quilt has twelve 8 x 10 photo's in it. As we all enjoy to fish, this quilt shows fish swimming around quilt.

The third photo shows the back of the quilt - using the remainder of the themed fabrics on the back of the quilt to finish the story of the quilt. This quilt was completed August 2002."I knew from my first phone conversation with you that this quilt would be wonderful. She gave this to her daughter as a gift after she graduated from college. She wanted a quilt to hang in their bedroom that didn't look too baby, she selected the basic design of the quilt and both her and her husband selected the background and accent fabrics. Josh's Memory Quilt When Josh turned 13, his mom had a party for him and invited influential people in his life. Glass Memory Quilt This quilt was designed using over 60 shirts worn while working at Microsoft. 16 Picture Photo Quilt This is a sample of a photo quilt with room for 16 4" x 4" photos. Noble Family Quilt This quilt has 35 photos of members of the Noble family. The Quilting Cottage did the long arm quilting on this quilt. Our quilt has to be the best of all their creations. This process was truly a labor of love, and a heartwarming and blessed experience." -- Rev. The quilting is done with fish and waves in the border. The Quilting Cottage did the long arm quilting on this quilt.

We used her jeans for the boarders, and the fabric from her crib bumpers as the binding.

This is a very creative way to save memories of your child.

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Do you have t-shirts from high school or college that you'd like made into a quilt?Then the quilt was completed into a twin size quilt. We especially love the details, like the quilted squares in the borders." Bible Quilt This quilt is for a girl in Rainbow Girls. Ok, so I have to write that this is the longest project I have ever worked on! This large lap quilt has a beautiful table runner down the center and beading/lace from my clients wedding dress in all four corners and borders. It is a beautiful Wedding quilt - and will be a keepsake for this bride! He picked out the fabrics, and designed the layout for the quilt. They had traveled and gone to many memorable events. "Working with Pam on this project was a real pleasure.